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Don’t you just hate it when your game subscription runs out and at the same time your wallet is barren and empty? It’s especially more rage-inducing when you are in the midst of a momentous groove massacring enemies left and right and on the verge of the next level up. Well, thankfully, you can continue that rhythm by purchasing the WildStar 15 Days Game Time Card! Perfect for those times when your poor wallet can only afford a can of soda and a small bag of chips for dinner! The WildStar 15 Days Game Time Card allows you to continue your grinding ways until your fingers hurt from all the pounding you’ve inflicted to every enemy within sight. The WildStar 15 Days Game Time Card provides the easiest way to get those additional experience points and in-game currency that can mean the difference between a resounding victory and a humiliating defeat in a heated player versus player battle! So don’t be ashamed to purchase this short burst of upgrade; compare gamekeys for the WildStar 15 Days Game Time Card here at Game-Key-Fox now!

WildStar was developed by Carbine Studios and released by NCSOFT for the Microsoft Windows. The game is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that allows the player to choose between two different factions in the fight for the right to own the planet Nexus. Join the side of The Dominion and take what is rightfully yours by eradicating every last one of The Exiles! Play as one of the faction’s four available races: the human leaders Cassian, the reptilian enforcers Draken, the robotic creations Mechari, and the rat-looking inventors Chua. A vast and colorful world ready to be conquered awaits the player! Pick whichever of the four races most appeals to your eyes and start your quest for dominance!

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