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So you are consistently getting owned by your friends in player versus player battles, eh? Tired of being the laughingstock and labeled as the weak pushover that everyone just loves to invite for a quick battle? Things are about to change with the purchase of the WildStar 30 Days Game Time Card, which will give your character lots of time to get beefed and powerful enough to at least stand toe-to-toe with your friends’ characters! Say goodbye to battles that only last a few seconds at your expense and say hello to your friends’ surprised faces when they get a load of your powered-up character thanks to your time grinding away with the aid of the WildStar 30 Days Game Time Card. The WildStar 30 Days Game Time Card gives the player 25% more experience points and 25% more in-game currency to make all the hard work put in repeatedly killing the same enemies very much worth it! Don’t get left behind in the level department; boost your experience-racking speed with the WildStar 30 Days Game Time Card! Compare gamekeys for the WildStar 30 Days Game Time Card here at Game-Key-Fox now and start planning how to exact your revenge against those who feasted on your character’s weakness!

WildStar is a free-to-play online multiplayer role-playing game that pits The Dominions and The Exiles against each other in a bloody battle for the right to inherit the treasures left behind by The Eldan in the planet Nexus. End the oppression and join the underdog faction The Exiles. Choose from one of the four races that comprise the faction: the rebellious Exile Humans, the stone-skinned Granoks, the made-for-cosplay Aurins, and the zombie-like alchemists Mordesh. You too have every right to claim the planet of Nexus! Fight back against The Dominion and overthrow their merciless rule!

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