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What do you get when you are currently addicted to WildStar and an overly-long vacation is coming up in your schedule? Lots of shameless grinding chances, of course! But that long vacation can’t be put to full efficiency without the assistance of the WildStar 60 Days Game Time Card! Make all those sleepless nights and stiffness from too much sitting all the worth it by raising your productivity with the 25% experience boost and 25% money boost that comes with the WildStar 60 Days Game Time Card. At just the right price, the WildStar 60 Days Game Time Card will ensure that when your long vacation is over, your character will be optimized to confidently dish out heavy damage against poor enemies and your unsuspecting friends who were arrogant enough to think that they can spend their vacations just swimming in the beach and still expect to reign supreme over your character! Get the perfect grinding companion and time-saver with the WildStar 60 Days Game Time Card; compare gamekeys for WildStar 60 Days Game Time Card here at Game-Key-Fox now and start raking in those boosted experience points and currency for your character’s optimization!

WildStar, developed by Carbine Studios (a subsidiary of the game’s publisher, NCSOFT), is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that offer the players multiple choices in customizing their characters. Apart from the traditional race and class system that players are accustomed to in role-playing games, WildStar also has a ‘path system’ that affects the kind of quests the player will get in the game. The four paths are: Soldier (primarily has quests that involve engaging in battles), Explorer (as the name suggests, has mainly exploration quests), Settler (building and construction quests), and Scientist (mostly data collection quests). Start on the path you are most interested in and join the fight for Nexus!

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