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The granddaddy (of graphics) of them all

A Personal Computer (PC) is considered by many to be the best of gaming platforms, overpowering the competition by sheer hardware power alone. This hardware and software power is prevalent when it comes to display and graphics of PC games; there isn’t even a debate who owns the graphics department, PC games take the award unanimously. Of course, games are not judged by their graphics and visuals alone, but having the best to offer in that area is not something to take for granted. Quickly search for video game screenshots comparing graphics of PC games to its console counterparts: the differences are very much noticeable even at first glance.

The current generation of consoles is also equipped with powerful hardware to produce stunning graphics but PC games are on another level of its own, looking down on the rest of the competing field.

Mods = maximum replay value

Another unique aspect to PC games is that the developers often allow the general public to modify the original game to their liking, a process termed as “modding”. Modding of existing PC games allows users to add new content as well as modify existing content in the game! These mods are freely distributed to the public, with blessing from the publishers, which allows players to experience the original game in a new light.

In some cases, these mods even create a separate entity of its own, distinguishing itself from the original game enough that it is considered a different game overall (see: Defense of the Ancients, Counter-Strike). These mods to PC games not only extends the replay value, but also adds to the popularity (and sales) of the original game!

Blast from the past!

The great thing about PC games is that they have full backwards compatibility. Older games can be played in newer PCs without any setbacks. Unlike video game consoles that are very strict (or non-existent) to their backwards compatibility, PC games are free to be played on any PC that has at least the minimum system requirements to run the game! No need to worry about buying old PC games that are retailored for newer systems! As long as you have the original (and legal, of course) copy of the game, just plop it in your CD drive and you’re good to go!

Mix-and-match freedom

What makes the PC more powerful than dedicated video game consoles is that it is fully customizable by users. Each component within can be separately replaced with more updated and powerful pieces. And the best thing about replacement parts is that they are continuously getting upgraded. Video game consoles have their hardware inside pretty much set from the beginning, only getting updates whenever the creators and manufacturers themselves officially released new iterations or software updates for the system.

Building a PC to suit all gaming needs is an art in itself that continuously evolves according to the demands of newly-released PC games. From the graphics engine to the mouse and keyboard, every part is replaceable whenever new parts are on the market.

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