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Anno 1701 is another game in the Anno game series, defined by its city-building and real-time strategy gameplay. It is developed by Related Designs, published by Sunflowers Interactive Entertainment Software, and released in 2009 for Windows. The game has both single-player and multiplayer modes that assures endless hours of gaming.

The gameplay of Anno 1701, much like the rest in the series, revolves around managing your settlement and expanding your territories by exploring the game world. Expanding your territory will require you to invade other islands across the map, naturally.

One way to invade and capture new territories is by way of force, in line with our own history. Battles aren’t really much given focus in this game since the core gameplay centers around micromanaging your settlement. If you prefer a real-time strategy game where battles are the primary focus, then you are looking at the wrong game.

In your settlements, you must manage your citizens and attend to their needs such as proving them with food. Developing your settlement will be your utmost priority, since more profit can be had the more you advance the economy. One key feature in the game is stocking up with resources by trading with other civilizations across the game world.

Some resources are only available in certain places and can’t be attained anywhere else. Trading for new goods and resources is crucial to further developing your own economy and your citizens, so it would be wise to not ignore this key feature in the game.

To make the game more realistic, natural disasters also occur within the game. These acts of nature can destroy the settlements you’ve worked so hard to build, so it won’t be all sunshine for you in this game.

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