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Diablo III is the long-awaited third game of the Diablo series, following the same formula of its predecessors. The game is an Action Role Playing Game (RPG) that has the same feel of the previous two games, gameplay-wise. You start off the game by picking a character from a specific class and start your adventure from there. For those who have already played any of the previous two games in the series, the flow of the game will be quite familiar: run around the map, beat the crap out of any monster you encounter, pick up items or equipment and gain experience, and generally make your character stronger to beat up even more enemies.

Whenever you get tired of beating enemies senseless and want a tougher foe, you can always battle another player just like in the previous game. The multiplayer aspect of the game is another incentive for players to go for the best equipment and optimize their character to the fullest. Diablo III is a game that can bring you and your friends together and, depending on who beats who, either end the day having fun and laughter or just outright rub bragging rights to the faces of whoever gets pawned.

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls is the expansion pack that was released in 2014, adding new features to the game, including a new class that will make Diablo III an even better game! The additional features of the expansion pack will give players more options to their gameplay and, thus, adding more excitement to the overall game. It also has additional soundtrack that will make your feel of the game even more epic, making you feel part of the game world itself.

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