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FIFA 16, developed by EA Canada, is the next installment in the annual FIFA game series due for release this 2015 by EA Sports on multiple platforms. The FIFA series is a football simulation game that includes teams from many different leagues around the world, some even requiring exclusive licenses. While some would say that FIFA 16 will just be another copycat of the previous year’s version mainly due to the gameplay not changing very much, FIFA 16 will offer something new to the series: female players. This new game in the series will be the first to have playable female players and women’s national teams, adding more diversity to the already large rosters to choose from. Of course, to make the game fair for all, players cannot create teams consisting of both genders and players cannot make teams play against opposing genders; that would be too unrealistic and will not be in line with the sports simulation aspect of the series. The graphics of the game is once again top-notch, with the players’ movements and mannerisms integrated in utmost detail. The sound and atmosphere of the game will make players feel like they are watching a live telecast of a football game!

Bringing in the new female team rosters, in addition to the annual update on the game’s rosters, will make the game even more exciting to play and will give lots of replay value. There may be new additions to the rosters, but the core gameplay and controls will still be the same, so veteran players don’t need to worry about the game being different from its predecessors. Players who have never played a game in the series will find FIFA 16 the best installment to begin with. FIFA 16 gamekey will be available here at Game-Key-Fox whenever it becomes available in retail!

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