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Minecraft is a global phenomenon that took the gaming world by storm in such a way that a Minecraft Convention (MineCon) is being held every year since 2011. A game that has its own exclusive convention speaks volumes on the popularity of the game to both old and new gamers. The game is playable on multiple platforms, including handhelds and mobile devices, which give players different options on how they can experience the addicting game.

Whether you are a hardcore gamer or simply a casual gamer, you have either played the game or at least aware of the game title. Minecraft, developed by Mojang and released in 2011, is that rare breed of game that has no clear genre since the players themselves can play the game in a variety of ways. One of the ways that players can play the game is the survival mode, similar to those popular zombie-infested games or movies. The player can craft different kinds of items, both weapons and armor, in order to be prepared for the monsters in the surrounding area.

Players must gather resources within the game world in order to fully maximize the benefits of item crafting. Another option of the game is the creative mode, where the players already have access to the many different resources within the game which they can use to just construct buildings and structures. The creative mode is perfect for those players who just want to focus on the building aspect of the gameplay. This mode is like building Legos but without the constant hazard of stepping on those tear-inducing little bricks and the size of the object being built is not limited by the amount of bedroom space.

Minecraft has no missions or objectives for the players to accomplish; they can just focus on the gameplay which will undoubtedly produce hundreds of hours of sleepless nights. Get a Minecraft gamekey now and join the countless players that are getting hooked with the game!