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Blizzard Entertainment is widely known for creating some of the best and innovative role-playing games around (see: Diablo III and World of Warcraft), often revolutionizing the genre to the point that other development studios pattern their projects on the company’s games. But, imagine if Blizzard Entertainment were to take their role-playing game mastery and combine it with a totally different genre? Such is the case with Overwatch, a currently in-development game from Blizzard Entertainment that is still in closed beta and no announced release date as of this writing. Overwatch is primarily a multiplayer first-person shooter game that allows players to control unique hero characters, similar to Warcraft, that have their own abilities and are under a specific class. Each of the hero characters may fall under one of the four class categories that are generally inclined towards a specific strength: offense, defense, support, and tanking. Whenever players are killed, they may freely switch characters to adjust according to their adversaries.

Overwatch will pit players, who are placed in six-man squads, against each other and play in one of the game’s two currently available modes. One of those modes, called Payload, involves one team guarding a vehicle as it travels along a fixed track to deliver its package, and the other team trying to stop the package from being delivered. Overwatch will focus more on objective-based team play instead of the common shootout between the two sides, so a Deathmatch Mode that is a staple in shooter games will not be present. With its character class system, Overwatch adds a bit of a role-playing game element to not only make the game’s participants diverse, but to separate itself from the wide selection of shooter games around. With Blizzard Entertainment’s pedigree and track record, players can safely assume that Overwatch will prove to be worth the wait. Compare gamekeys for Overwatch here at Game-Key-Fox as soon as it gets released!


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