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Train Fever is a 2014 single-player business simulation game where players are given the controls in establishing a train empire from scratch. Developed by Urban Games, Train Fever was completed thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign through Gambitious which started on March 2012; the game was released two years later for the Microsoft Windows, OS X, and Linux platforms. The setting of the game is Europe-like (although not exactly a recreation), but if players want a change of scenery, there is an available Downloadable Content pack (DLC) titled Train Fever: USA DLC which switches the European aesthetics and environments for the western look, as explicitly implied in the DLC’s title. The USA DLC pack not only adds changes to the landscape, but to the vehicles as well. Whatever location the players prefer, the core gameplay of Train Fever remains the same.

In Train Fever, players are tasked with planning and constructing railroad mechanisms and infrastructures to make an efficient mass transportation system and ultimately make money. Unlike other simulation or city-building games, the map in the game is not restricted by grids that indicate where the players can place structures. The map of Train Fever is completely free for players to utilize, allowing for a greater amount of freedom and creativity! Of course, having complete freedom in the positioning of structures does not mean you can just build anything that passes for a railroad system; players must still construct realistic railroads. The graphics of the game is also gorgeous and very well-detailed, even when zoomed in! Train Fever is a simple enough game that, once they assimilated themselves with the gameplay, allows players to relax and just watch their creations chug along and reap profit. Compare gamekeys for Train Fever here at Game-Key-Fox now and start your journey to becoming a railroad tycoon!


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