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There are a number of titles in the simulation genre where the player’s main task is to simply deliver a cargo or package from one location to another. Off-road skirmishes against merciless and unpaved terrains: Spintires, check. Sightseeing on the countryside while driving long and bulky trucks: Euro Truck Simulator, check. Logistics company management with trains as the most common form of transport: Logistics Company, check. All three have one obvious element in common: all are land-based. And what better way to escape the confines of the land than to navigate the seas with TransOcean: The Shipping Company. TransOcean: The Shipping Company is a 2014 simulation game that was developed by Deck13 Interactive – Hamburg Team and released for the Microsoft Windows and OS X platforms.

The gameplay of TransOcean: The Shipping Company is similar to those aforementioned cargo delivery games, where players are tasked to deliver all sorts of cargo by traversing the dangerous seas. Players will be given the choice at the beginning of the game to select from one of the 55 different harbors to make as their base of operations. This early feature is very important since their locations all of have pros and cons that can affect their ship’s routes. TransOcean: The Shipping Company, however, does not simply allow players to just pick a location and just make an easy simulated trek towards it; the players will have to consider other aspects that will affect the ship’s journey, like weather conditions and even the size of the destination harbor. And the players are also in charge of their ship’s maintenance, whichever one of the 20 ship classes they are using. Take on different delivery jobs in TransOcean: The Shipping Company and build up your profits by carefully planning your routes and contracts; compare gamekeys for TransOcean: The Shipping Company here at Game-Key-Fox now!


TransOcean: The Shipping Company

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