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World of Warcraft: Legion is an expansion set for World of Warcraft, the sixth expansion overall for the game, that was announced on August 2015. The expansion will offer players new areas to explore and a new demon hunter hero class who will not start at level 1, similar to the death night. These new additions to the game will further increase the replay value of the game, not that players need more incentives to stay hooked to the acclaimed massively multiplayer online role-playing game. One of the prominent features that the expansion will bring is the increase of the level gap. Previously, the level gap is 100 but the expansion will now allow players to level up to 110, making their characters even more powerful!

World of Warcraft is set in the fantastical world of Azeroth, where players can explore using the different races and classes available to them. The number of classes that the player can choose from also varies depending on the expansions that are installed. Before players can create a character, they must first choose which faction they are going to side with: the Alliance or the Horde. The faction they choose will affect which race will be available for creation as each faction has a set number of races. Players can only be teamed up and communicate with players that are also in the same faction, making the players feel like there really is a divide between the two sides. World of Warcraft plays out similar to an action role-playing game, where players can level up their characters, defeat monsters and explore the game map, optimize their character’s equipment (mainly for Player vs Player battles), and undertake quests to reap rewards that allows them to further develop their characters. World of Warcraft: Legion will no doubt be another expansion set that will make players spend countless hours to the game. Join the fun and get a gamekey here at Game-Key-Fox whenever the expansion hits stores!

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