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Battlefield 3, the eleventh overall game in the Battlefield series, is a first-person shooter developed by EA Digital Illusions CE and released by Electronic Arts (Sega in Japan) in 2011 for multiple platforms. The game has garnered much praise from video game critics as well as produced massive sales, making it a success for the publishers. The Battlefield series is known for its realistic approach to shooter games, especially with its graphics, and this installment does not disappoint. The game’s graphics is simply stunning for the platforms it was released on, giving the game an amazing realistic aesthetic and atmosphere. Players will be engaged with the game as if they really are the ones out on the frontlines. The weapons, equipment, and vehicles which are available to the player are all beautifully-detailed to match their real-world counterparts. Every eye-popping visual in the game serves to make the players feel connected to the soldiers they are playing as.

But graphics aside, Battlefield 3 has more than just stunning visuals to offer. Although the main story of the game might seem familiar to those who have played previous installments in the series, it is still worth playing through. The main draw of the game, as is with first-person shooter games, is its widely-praised multiplayer mode. This is where the real competition begins; the campaign mode only serves as kind of like a lengthy tutorial to help new players get acquainted with the game’s mechanics and controls. The multiplayer mode allows players from all over the world to team up and play a specific role in the team where they must duke it out with the opposing team, simply for the right to brag and talk trash. The multiplayer mode has several scenarios that players can set up for the coming match, all have different objectives. Players usually purchase first-person shooter games solely for their multiplayer mode and Battlefield 3 does not disappoint in that regard, so it would be wise to pick up a gamekey for this installment in the popular shooter series.

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