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Get a gamekey for Battlefield Hardline here in Game-Key-Fox and experience a refreshing take on the popular first-person shooter game. Battlefield Hardline was released in 2015 for multiple platforms by Electronic Arts. For those of you familiar with the Battlefield game series, this new installment might come as a bit of an oddity, especially with the setting. The Battlefield series has been defined by its military setting, it has been its bread and butter to rise to the level of popularity it has now.

It’s quite risky for the developers to try and change the formula (at least setting-wise), but rest assured that this game delivers to its potential. Gone are the military setting, tactics, strategies, weapons, and other gear associated with warfare. In place of it is a standard city setting, with cops and criminals as the main players of the story and gameplay. The gameplay might remind you of the Counter-Strike series, at least when it comes to some of the objectives, but the game does enough to distinguish itself and stand on its own.

The core gameplay revolves around different scenarios/modes relating to crime, heist, or police operations that has a set of objectives for the player to accomplish in order to win. An example of this is a mode where the objective involves a hostage: The cops win if either the hostages have been rescued or all the criminals have been killed, and the criminals win by eliminating all the cops. The environment and aesthetics of the game may be different to what people are usually accustomed to with the Battlefield game series, but the overall feel or control of the game is similar.

If you want to try something new from the Battlefield series, give Battlefield Hardline a chance and it will surely not lag in the fun factor, especially with multiplayer.