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Are you getting tired of the military setting and aesthetics of the Battlefield series? Do you want to try a different atmosphere but retaining the core gameplay of previous Battlefield games? Or do you simply want to play as a cop and take down criminals? Then, Battlefield Hardline might just be the game you are looking for! Deviating from the main theme of the series, Battlefield Hardline delivers a refreshing take on the first-person shooter genre that has become so popular today. The military setting, weapons and other hardware associated with warfare are gone. They are now replaced by a city setting and equipment that are more akin to police operations and combat. Although the overall look of the game is vastly different from what fans are used to with the Battlefield series, the gameplay mechanics are still similar. The graphics of the game are still on par with the recent games in the series where realism is the main selling point. The city environment will still feel like the real thing with all the details placed on them, it’s just going to need a little bit of getting used to especially for players who have extensively played the other games in the series. So, rest assured that Battlefield Hardline will deliver on its refreshing take on the popular military shooter series.
Aside from the Digital Deluxe Edition of Battlefield Hardline, available only for the PC, a Battlefield Hardline Premium Edition is also available for players seeking to add more to the game’s already extensive content. This package includes four expansion packs that offer new maps and modes for the multiplayer mode, further adding incentives to loyal players to stay with the game. Among others, the Premium Edition also includes content that allows players to further customize their characters and also their weapons! These features will allow players to play the game in their own style, at least visually. Gamekey for Battlefield Hardline Premium Edition is available here at Game-Key-Fox, so grab one now!