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Battlefield Hardline for the Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and 4, and Xbox 360 and Xbox One platforms is a first-person shooter game released in 2015 by Electronics Arts. This installment in the long-running Battlefield series deviates from the tried-and-tested military setting that has defined the entire series. From the explosive warfare and realistic military combat from previous installments in the series, Battlefield Hardline instead takes players to a city environment and places them in the role of cops taking down rampant criminals. The new game aesthetics might put off veterans of the Battlefield series, but the refreshing take on the series delivers enough to warrant countless hours of playtime, especially with the multiplayer mode proving once again that it is the main reason players are addicted to the shooter series. Players will utilize weapons and equipment that are more suitable for urban chaos and police operations, so don’t expect to be using military-grade weapons that are fit for large-scale battles. Keeping in line with its predecessors, Battlefield Hardline still allows players to bring destruction to any object or structure in the game map. So, if you want to let out some rage for accidentally reloading and the enemy escapes with only 1% health, then by all means demolish the next structure you come across. This destruction aspect in the gameplay, as is with its predecessors, gives more realism to the game. Battlefield Hardline delivers a new kind of fun for first-person shooter game fans, breaking away from the norm but still stands out by itself; it’s a video game worth buying a gamekey for!

Available specifically for players who pre-ordered the Battlefield Hardline Standard Edition, or went with the Deluxe Edition of the game, is the Versatility BattlePack. BattlePacks are in-game rewards the players receive during multiplayer upon reaching certain milestones. The Versatility BattlePack gives players an assault rifle, a gameplay boost, and a unique camouflage for weapons. If you plan to start your Battlefield Hardline with a significant upgrade, then get the Battlefield Hardline: Versatility BattlePack!

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