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Role-playing games are mostly known as being single-player games, especially those that are released for consoles. Players are used to playing them by themselves, going through the story and tackling quests all by their lonesome. The things that players usually do in role-playing games involve methodological processes like walking around the map, entering towns, talking to all non-playable characters (NPC) in sight, shopping, and battling monsters. Those things can’t be done simultaneously, which usually makes role-playing games slower when it comes to pace. Enter Divinity: Original Sin, a role-playing game developed by Larian Studios that allows players to play cooperatively with another player in their fantasy adventure. Divinity: Original Sin, originally released for the Microsoft Windows in June 2014, gives players twice the fun (and headache) with its cooperative gameplay that will surely test each player’s friendship with one another.

The cooperative multiplayer mode of Divinity: Original Sin allows players to multi-task with the usual role-playing game tasks. The players can split the duties between each other in order to be faster with the game progress. For example, one player can go around town and explore every nook and corner while the other player can be busy shopping for items and equipment. However, with another player joining the fray in the adventure, it will also cause debates between players on the choices the game presents. It may sound like a hassle, but it actually allows players to be more engaged in the role-playing game itself because it makes players feel they are really on a fantasy adventure with their friend instead of a one-man quest! Divinity: Original Sin is an excellent game that keeps in line with classic role-playing games when it comes to the gameplay, but made more fun with the cooperative multiplayer mode. Get a gamekey for Divinity: Original Sin now and start your fantastical adventure together with your best buddy!

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