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FIFA 15 is a football simulation sports video game that succeeds 2013’s FIFA 14, also developed by EA Canada and released worldwide by EA Sports on September 2014 for the Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Xbox 360 and Xbox One, Sony PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, Nintendo Wii, and for handheld consoles (Sony PlayStation Vita, Nintendo 3DS) and mobile phones (iOS, Android, Windows). The number of platforms that FIFA 15 was released for ensures that the game will once again reach a wide variety of audiences around the world, whether they are the stay-at-home kind or the on-the-go kind of player. The game was well-received by fans and video game critics even though these kinds of sports game are often criticized for being a rehash of each game every year, proving that football is still the most bankable sports in the world. The game features updated rosters and clubs, and also holds the distinction as the first game in the popular game series to be licensed in full by the Premier League (England’s primary football league).

Although the single-player mode of the game is almost endless and offers tons of fun, FIFA 15 is best played with or against friends simply because of the very nature of the sport it is based on. FIFA 15 is supposed to be played with unabated emotions in order to be fully immersed in the atmosphere of the game. And nothing beats screaming and whooping for every goal scored than with the presence of friends. Of course, be prepared also to be at the bad end of those jolly cheers as well as an endless stream of insults from the winning side. Don’t miss this installment in the FIFA series, compare gamekeys for FIFA 15 here at Game-Key-Fox and organize an all-nighter with your friends to see who gets to take home precious bragging rights!



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