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Mirror’s Edge 2 or Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is an upcoming 2016 game that will allow players to once again take control of the badass-looking female protagonist, Faith Connors. Currently in development by EA Digital Illusions CE (DICE), this first-person action-adventure video game will be released for the Microsoft Windows, Sony PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Xbox One platforms. Unlike most other popular action-adventure games that feature firearms or melee weapons as the primary options for taking out enemies, Mirror’s Edge 2 only allows Faith Connors to take down enemies using unarmed combat. The combat system has been tailored with the game’s traversing movements, allowing for a more seamless transition between the two. And speaking of traversing, Mirror’s Edge 2 retains its signature feature of using parkour movements to travel around the game world. Also, unlike its predecessor’s linear structure, players are given free reign within the open game world and approach objectives in different angles.

As mentioned, Mirror’s Edge 2 will be in a first-person perspective, although it will switch to a third-person view whenever Faith Connors is performing a finishing move to a poor soul. The first-person perspective will allow players to be more immersed and feel the thrill whenever they are traversing from one place to another using parkour movements, usually involving hopping from building to building. Don’t be dissuaded by Faith Connor’s lack of access to firearms and blades, though, her graceful and smooth style to dealing with enemies more than makes up for the lack of total bloodshed. And players don’t even have to engage every enemy in sight; they can avoid enemy encounters by utilizing those parkour moves to get out of harm’s way and spare the enemy’s bones. Compare gamekeys for Mirror’s Edge 2 or Mirror’s Edge Catalyst here at Game-Key-Fox when it gets released and you’ll be rewarded with the best bargains!

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