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Imagine an action-adventure video game that plays out like this: the main character can’t use guns, has her (yes, a female and a badass-looking one at that) bare hands only to use as weapons, and employs movements you would normally see in circuses to traverse the vast game world. If you have those criteria perfectly imagined, the result would be Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, a game currently under development by EA Digital Illusions CE and will be released by Electronic Arts on February 2016. The game will be the follow up to Mirror’s Edge but will not exactly be a sequel to it, at least story-wise. The new installment will instead focus on the back story of the game’s protagonist: Faith Connors. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst was initially introduced to masses at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2013, but the game title was only made official on June 2015.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will allow players to take control of Faith Connors in a first-person perspective to travel around a fictional futuristic city and complete objectives to advance the game. Although unlike its predecessor, the game will be less linear and will allow the player to roam the game world however they want and complete objectives according to the approach that best suits them. The game will also allow players to make use of different equipment in the city to travel from place to place (or building to building in some cases). The battle system revolves around the main character’s movement and melee attacks are the only way to take down enemies. This new battle system makes use of the game’s improved movement system, allowing for more creativity when the player wants to engage enemies instead of evading them. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst separates itself from the more common action-adventure games where the main character has an array of weapons to choose from, and instead focuses solely on agility and parkour movements. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst gamekey will be available here at Game-Key-Fox upon its release, so be sure to check back with us!


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