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Need for Speed will be the next installment in the racing video game series, Need for Speed, and will be released later this 2015. It is currently under development by Ghost Games and will be released worldwide by Electronics Arts under two packages: Standard Edition and Deluxe Edition. Need for Speed will be the first game in the series to be released since 2013, not counting Need for Speed: No Limits which was only for mobile devices, and will serve as a reboot of the entire franchise. It will be an open world racing game and it has been confirmed by Electronic Arts that it requires players to have an online connection in order to play the game. Now, before you all roll your eyes and shake your heads at that revelation, the publishers did reassure that there will be nice benefits for the game to require constant online connection. So, hold back with the criticisms on the publishers before the game is actually released.

From the screenshots of the game, it appears that the graphics will be worth drooling over. The cars will look like the real thing and the atmosphere will keep in line with its predecessors. The Need for Speed video game series is a popular entry in the racing genre mainly because it draws away from the usual where the racing takes place in closed-loop racetracks and also introduces several elements like drifting and dragging (first featured in the acclaimed Need for Speed: Underground). And aside from the choices of sports cars, exotic cars, and muscle cars that players can drive, they also have the option to drive police cars that will chase around drivers participating in illegal street races. Need for Speed will be another exciting game in the popular series that is totally worth buying a gamekey for, so grab one here as soon as it’s released!

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