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Upon mention of the term “Sim” in the video games industry, people automatically think of The Sims, the series of life simulation video games where players control their character throughout the many phases of life, primarily focusing on socializing with other ‘Sims’ (the human residents in the series) and building relationships with each other. And it’s quite understandable since The Sims series is more popular and its gameplay is more engaging to people, especially to casual gamers. The SimCity series, which has been around since 1989 and has already spanned several generations of video game consoles, is actually the original series where The Sims has branched off and made an entirely new series of its own. The 2013 installment in the SimCity series, simply titled as SimCity, is the first major installment in the series after 2003’s SimCity 4. SimCity, often mistaken as SimCity 5, was developed by Maxis and was released for the Microsoft Windows and OS X platforms.

SimCity maintains the atmosphere of its predecessors, but with a lot of improvement, most especially its graphics. It’s unfair to compare the graphics between the last two major installments in the series due to being a decade apart in release, but the improvements are nevertheless noteworthy. The gameplay of SimCity, as is with its predecessors, revolves around the players in trying to develop their own city, managing everything that comes with it like the economy, buildings and other structures, resources, public transportation, and many others. Speaking of resources, the game only has a limited supply of most of them, so players better be careful when harvesting them to the fullest. If you’ve never played a SimCity game in your gaming life, then this 2013 reboot of the series is the perfect game to get you up to speed! Compare gamekeys for SimCity here at Game-Key-Fox now and start building your dream metropolis!



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