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SimCity is a series of city-building simulation video games that dates back to 1989. It has numerous titles under its belt, including both major installments and spin-offs, that spans across several gaming platforms, with one of its spin-offs (The Sims) even starting a whole new series of its own. However, there hasn’t been any major installment in the SimCity series for more than a decade, the last one being SimCity 4 back in 2003, until the developers decided to reboot the entire series with a new installment in 2013. Simply titled as SimCity, the new installment in the series brought much improved gameplay mechanics and updated 3D graphics, thanks to newer game engines. SimCity, developed by Maxis and published by Electronic Arts for multiple platforms, took full advantage of modern technology by integrating the internet with the game to allow players to share resources and save their game data.

The core gameplay of SimCity remains the same from its predecessors wherein players must build and develop their own metropolis. The aesthetics of the game uses designs and structures from modern times. But if players want a different look to their city, they have the option to purchase the SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow Expansion Pack for the game. The SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow add-on gives players access to futuristic structures and technology like maglev trains as a new form of transportation and flying drones that can be utilized in a number of ways. The expansion pack also gives players access to a new resource, called Omega, to further aid them in developing their city at the cost of creating more pollution. SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow is an excellent expansion pack that carries numerous features to add to the main game’s already extensive content. Complete your SimCity experience with the SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow Expansion Pack; compare gamekeys here at Game-Key-Fox now!

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