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Titanfall is a 2014 online multiplayer shooter video game that gloriously satisfies fans of both the fast-paced action of shooter games and the undeniable awesomeness of giant mechas (think Gundams). Developed by Respawn Entertainment and released by Electronic Arts, Titanfall is that rare video game that allows players to play as both traditional gun-wielding foot soldiers and as pilots of powerful mechas called Titans! Think of the Titans as the ‘Summon’ feature in role-playing video games like the Final Fantasy series where they are not always available for the players, but dishes out heavy damage when the players get the chance to call them into battle. The Titans can also act as sentries or bodyguards that the player can remotely give orders to, perfect for guarding territories. There are several types of Titans as well, each having different specifications. And to balance out the Titan’s heavy firepower, soldiers also have access to heavy-duty weaponry that can take down the Titans, so players can’t have that god-like rampages in the battlefield. Titanfall has several modes available, including the ever-present Deathmatch Mode. The game does not feature a single-player campaign, however, but who needs that when you can just jump into the battlefield and ride to victory with your badass Titans!

For a more complete and satisfying experience, players can avail of the Titanfall Season Pass. The Titanfall Season Pass gives the players access to the game’s three separate Downloadable Content packs (DLC), all of which contain new maps for the players to take their battles to! Get the 9 additional maps included with the purchase of the Titanfall Season Pass and familiarize yourself with the new locations that will serve as the playground of your Titans! Experience a refreshing take on the multiplayer shooter genre with Titanfall; compare gamekeys here at Game-Key-Fox now!


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