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Do you like games set in a post-apocalyptic world infested with zombies? How about first-person shooter games? Or maybe games where you get to make buildings and structures? If yes is your answer to all those questions, then buy a 7 Days To Die gamekey here at Game-Key-Fox and play a game where all three of the aforementioned categories are rolled in to one!

7 Days To Die is an exciting game where you will feel the thrill and danger of surviving in a world infested with zombies. In this game, you get to build your own defense fortress to protect your character from the drooling mouths of those zombies. It’s different from the usual shoot-all-zombies type of game, where you just arm yourself with whatever weapon you can find and then proceed to eradicate all the undead within sight.

7 Days To Die incorporates both offense and defense to the gameplay: Offense is shooting down the zombies, and defense is the building of fortresses for protection. To add to suspense to the atmosphere, the game also incorporates a day and night system. The zombies are weaker during the day and are strongest during night, allowing you to plan accordingly. You can build and strengthen your base of operations during the day, when you can easily handle the zombies due to being weaker. And then prepare yourself for war when the moon is up.

7 Days To Die also incorporates a bit of Role Playing Game (RPG) elements to the gameplay, where you must search or craft new items and tools to keep your inventory fresh. All in all, this game is recommended for those who enjoy the thrills and suspense of a survival horror game, and at the same time enjoys a bit of gameplay features from the RPG genre.

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