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Game-Key-Fox offers gamekey selections for Age of Empires II HD, a real-time strategy game that is the second in the Age of Empire series. The gameplay of Age of Empires II is quite similar to the Command & Conquer and Battle Realms games, where the setting is in the Middle Ages. The core gameplay is to build structures or buildings, train units, and then assault opposing armies.

The gameplay might seem simple enough, but the strategy, tactics, and skills involved is not for the faint-hearted, you have to know the strengths and weaknesses of each unit in order to fully utilize them in battle. Of course, you don’t just make buildings out of thin air, you have to gather resources using slaves in order to be able to build structures.

The infantry that you will mainly use to assault enemy bases are trained in the structures you build. There are also structures that will help you acquire more upgraded gear to make your forces more formidable. While building structures, you are also prone to surprise enemy attacks or sieges, so balancing out your gameplay between defending, attacking, and building structures is critical: you can’t just focus on one aspect.

Like a real war in our history, you don’t just win battles with sheer numbers, the type of units you deploy also matters. It wouldn’t matter if you had an army of one hundred units if the enemy faction is composed of units that can easily overwhelm your units. So there is also planning involved in selecting which types of unit you train.

Age of Empires II HD is a port of the original game that allows it to run more smoothly. The HD Edition keeps all of the features and mechanics of the original game, keeping the atmosphere intact. One of the big draws of these types of games is the multiplayer function. Admit it, it’s more fun to fight against friends than shamelessly beating up on the AI of the game. Duke it out with your friends and see who rules over the Middle Ages!

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