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Age of Wonders III is a turn-based strategy game which marks the fourth installment in the Age of Wonders game series despite the numbering in the game title. The game starts of by allowing you to choose and customize your main character, the options you choose affects your overall style of play.

The game has different races for you to choose, each race having their own set of strengths and weaknesses. You can either choose your race based these parameters, or you can just simply pick the race you take a liking to. Or better yet, try each race first and see which of them fits you.

You also get to train units to help you in your overall goal of conquering every standing structure. The overall gameplay is predicated on exploring the world and expanding your empire, either by force or not. Not all cities will submit willingly to your reign, some of them will put up a battle to defend their territory.

Turn-based strategy games like Age of Wonders III are a lot different from real-time strategy games, despite similarities in its atmosphere and aesthetics. Turn-based strategy games are, as the name would suggest, involves you and your opponent taking turns in assigning actions to your units and watch them play out in the end. For each turn, you assign your units different actions, from moving around in the map, attacking, or using skills.

The battle gameplay also involves a bit of luck or guessing since, unlike real-time strategy games, you have no way of knowing what are the assigned actions of the enemy units. You have to plan out your strategies and also plan ahead on how the enemy will react to your assigned commands.

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