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If you are a fan of both the Resident Evil game series and the Alien movie franchise, then Alien: Isolation is definitely a game you would want to grab a gamekey for! Imagine the gameplay aspects of Resident Evil and combine it with the setting of the Alien film series, and you get a unique thrilling game that will surely keep you on edge.

You control the main character by navigating a space station and doing everything you can to survive the different horrors inside. The stealth aspect of the game requires you to avoid direct contact with the enemies and the alien itself in order to survive.

The main character is also equipped with a tracker that will help in detecting the proximity of the alien prowling around the space station. There is only a single alien creature roaming around, but it does not mean it is less dangerous.

You will need to duck, crouch, and hide behind the different machineries inside the space station to escape the alien. The survival aspect of the game is that you have only a limited number of weapons and ammunition, further implying the need to get through the game with minimal firefights.

Alien: Isolation also allows the player to craft different item to avoid in the survival, like crafting medical kits to restore health. Navigating the space station is also no simply feat, you don’t just roam around freely and enter any door in sight. The player must fully explore the details of the environment in order to unlock some of the places and manipulate to their advantage the different systems inside the space station.

To add to the suspense of the game, the game cannot be saved anytime and anywhere, instead the player must find access points scattered throughout the space station in order to save the progress. Alien: Isolation is overall a great experience for fans of the survival horror genre and the Alien films itself. Of course, being a fan of both is not required to fully enjoy it, since the game sells itself quite well with the exciting gameplay.

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