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Ever wondered how a horror adventure game, like Resident Evil, would play out if the main character is a toddler in pajamas? And instead of having access to guns and other equipment not suitable for children, you have a cute little teddy bear as your “equipment”? Sounds ridiculous, right?

Among the Sleep is such a game, where you control a toddler to navigate around the game environment with nothing but pajamas and a sentient little teddy bear for company. The story of the game is actually mature, if you are aware enough of real-life issues regarding families to comprehend it. Of course, you will be seeing the story from the toddler’s perspective, so it takes a good amount of understanding to put things together.

The gameplay itself is what you would normally expect from a horror adventure game where you roam around the environment and go from one place to another until you achieve your goal. The catch is, since you are playing a toddler, exploring around isn’t quite as smooth as it would have been if you were controlling a fully adult character. Opening doors is a challenge in itself, adding to the realism of the game. You don’t just click on doors to open them, you have to make the effort to actually reach the doorknob.

Like a resourceful toddler would do in real life, you must find ways to boost your height in order to reach places that you can’t reach with those short limbs. That means pushing around chairs or boxes or stacking things together in order to get tall enough to open a door. And that’s just moving around and exploring the environment.

Among the Sleep also features monsters, two monsters to be exact, who will hunt you in every step. Being a cute little toddler with nothing but a teddy bear in hand, you are not capable of destroying these monsters: you will have to run and hide from them to preserve your life. Also, there is more to your teddy bear companion than meets the eye.

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