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BattleBlock Theater is a platformer video game released by Microsoft Studios for multiple platforms (not to be confused with the video game genre). The game features a single-player and a multiplayer mode where players can either play cooperatively or against each other; up to four players can play at the same time whether on local connection or online. BattleBlock Theater received positive reviews from video game critics, mostly praising the multiplayer mode of the game. The game’s visuals are pleasing to the eye, mostly made up of cartoon-like objects and characters that are both vibrant and colorful. Platformers aren’t really sold for their powerful graphics or movie-like cutscenes: they are sold for their fun factor (just ask the Super Mario series). As the game title suggests, the maps are largely consisted of different kinds of blocks. The visuals of the game is entertaining and light-hearted, perfect for times when you want to take a break from playing all those hardcore games (Dark Souls, anyone?).

BattleBlock Theater plays out similarly like the other games in the genre which involves a lot of jumping and running around a 2D screen; the controls are easy enough to grasp even without tutorials. Maps have different kinds of obstacles that the players must navigate through, a task that may sound simple enough but actually requires proper skills in order to get through the stage efficiently. Adding to the fun factor of the game, as mentioned before, is the critically-praised multiplayer mode. Players can play with each other in the main mode of the game, Adventure Mode, and help each other overcome difficult obstacles. The presence of another player adds a new layer of strategy to the game, making BattleBlock Theater more than just a kid’s video game. Get in on the fun and purchase a gamekey for BattleBlock Theater here at Game-Key-Fox!

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