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BioShock Infinite is the third installment in the first-person shooter video game series, BioShock, which was developed by Irrational Games. When the game was showcased at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2011 before it was released, it was greatly received by the audience and some considered to be the most anticipated game of the year. And true enough, the game was released to massive success, earning critical acclaim from video game critics worldwide and subsequently became a financial success in only a couple of months. BioShock Infinite also won several gaming awards, further solidifying itself as one of the best games during the year it was released. Although it is the successor to BioShock 2, the game does not connect directly with the previous installment’s story; players are instead given the option to acquire a Downloadable Content (DLC) which allows players to take on a story-based mission that ties BioShock Infinite to the events of the previous game.

Much of the praise garnered by BioShock Infinite is directed at its visuals, story, and setting. The setting of the game is quite similar to Disney’s Treasure Planet, an animated movie, wherein the main setting is a floating city. This setting allows for a different kind of exploring, with the main draw being the city’s rollercoaster-inspired rail system called the Sky-Line. The visuals of the game are simply beautiful, combining futuristic aesthetics with colorful historical structures and pieces. BioShock Infinite is that rare kind of game where players spend unnecessary amounts of time just walking around and appreciating every detail in the game: the game’s visuals are really that stunning. The story of the game follows that of Booker DeWitt, sent to the floating city to retrieve a woman named Elizabeth. After the initial rescue arc, the main character along with Elizabeth gets caught up in the city’s inner turmoil and… the spoilers end here. Find out the rest of the game’s captivating story by getting a BioShock Infinite gamekey here at Game-Key-Fox!

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