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Blood Bowl 2, a fantasy football video game, is an upcoming sequel to 2009’s Blood Bowl, as you might have figured out by their game titles. It is currently being developed by Cyanide Studios (a video game development company headquartered in Nanterre, France) and is scheduled to be released by Focus Home Interactive on September 2015 for multiple gaming platforms. Blood Bowl 2 can only be played in a turn-based mode, deviating from the previous game that gives players the option to play the game in either turn-based mode or real-time mode. Having a turn-based system, the game will require players to be more careful when selecting actions since they won’t have the slightest clue about their enemies’ actions, as is the norm in general turn-based games.

Now, for those who are not exactly familiar with the Blood Bowl series, imagine an American football game where the athletes are composed of not only humans but fantastical creatures as well. If you are having trouble picturing that, try this: characters from Lord of the Rings playing American football against each other instead of waging war for control of Middle-Earth. It’s an unusual game since players don’t usually get this type of genre combination, but that’s also the main appeal of the game: its uniqueness. Players can choose from any of the available teams, with additional teams available as Downloadable Content (DLC), and either score the most points in the game or take out the entire competition to win the game. Yes, beating the crap out of the enemy team until they are out of the picture is an option. So expect the game to be bloody, if you aren’t taking the clue yet from its game title. Experience a different kind of sports game with Blood Bowl 2; be sure to get a gamekey here with us as soon as it hits stores!

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