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Borderlands 2 is a first-person shooter game with role-playing game elements thrown in the mix. It was developed by Gearbox Software and released by 2K Games in 2012 for multiple platforms, marking it as the second game in the Borderlands series and the story picking up five years after the events of the first game. It received universal praise from fans and video game critics upon release and garnered a number of video game awards; it was also a financial success for its publishers, selling more than 8 million copies worldwide. Due to its massive success, a port for the PlayStation Vita was developed by Iron Galaxy Studios together with the original developers, and was released in 2014. Borderlands 2 was further ported to newer consoles the following year, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and produced even more sales to make it the highest-selling game in 2K Games’ video game library.

The gameplay of Borderlands 2 revolves around players, either by themselves or together with another player, trying to complete objectives in order to progress through the game. Like most games, side missions are also available for completion whenever players want to take a break from the main storyline. Players can choose from one of the four available characters, with two more available as Downloadable Content, to tackle the missions. Each playable character have their own set of skills that players must take into account when deciding, although they can simply choose whoever they deem the coolest-looking character. The players can build up their character’s parameters as they go through the game, an aspect similarly found in role-playing games, which will subsequently allow them to take on harder missions or side-quests. Collection of random items with different attributes also returns as part of the gameplay from the first game. Overall, Borderlands 2 is a game you’d be wise picking up a gamekey for!

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