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Call of Duty: Ghosts is an installment in the popular first-person shooter Call of Duty games, mainly developed by Infinity Ward (Treyarch took care of the Nintendo Wii U version) and released for multiple platforms in 2013. This new alternate sub-series in the Call of Duty franchise was developed in order to be released as one of the first games in the eight generation of video game consoles (Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One, and Nintendo Wii U). As is the case for most of the games in the series, Call of Duty: Ghosts is praised for its multiplayer mode, relegating the single-player campaign to an afterthought. However, the single-player campaign does add one new feature that may draw players: the ability to play as a German shepherd dog that is part of the protagonist’s squad. It may not be ground-breaking, but it does add a bit of incentive to go through with the game’s story.

The multiplayer mode of Call of Duty: Ghosts is, like its predecessors, the main reason people play this game. Playing together with real people (or against) is a better experience than putting up with the game’s AI. In this installment, several new game modes have been added for the multiplayer. These additional game modes add a new layer of strategies for matches and ultimately extend the replay value of the game. The game also features a new game mode called Squads that allows player to control a squad of AI-controlled characters to play in matches catered specifically for this mode. It’s different than having human-controlled characters, but it’s a good way to practice playing within a team. Call of Duty: Ghosts promises to be another action-packed installment in the first-person shooter series while introducing new elements, so buying a gamekey for it should be a no-brainer.

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