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Castle Crashers is a 2008 beat ‘em up video game originally released for the Microsoft Xbox 360. It was later released for the Sony PlayStation 3 in 2010 and for Microsoft Windows and OS X in 2012. Developed by The Behemoth, the Xbox 360 version was published by Microsoft Game Studios, with the PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Windows versions available at the PlayStation Network and Steam, respectively. Additionally, it was also announced that an Xbox One re-mastered version would be released. The setting of the game is in medieval times. So, yes, you’ve guessed it, it involves the common story of having to rescue princesses from the clutches of evil. But in Castle Crashers, you have to rescue four princesses that are abducted by the greedy and evil antagonist. The visual of the game is in vibrant 2D, as with most games in the beat ‘em up genre.

Castle Crashers plays out like a classic beat ‘em up video game, where players go through side-scrolling levels and beat up anyone who stands in their way. If you’ve never played a game in this genre, then prepare to have swelling thumbs because the game involves a lot of button-mashing to get through levels. Castle Crashers is more than just your regular beat ‘em up, though. Role-playing game elements are also included to add more depth to the game. Players can shop for items and weapons using in-game currency that are gained by defeating enemies. As players plow through levels and beating the crap out of enemies, they also gain experience points that allows their characters to gain a level. And just like most games in the RPG genre, players get the chance to distribute stat points upon level up as well as acquire new forms of combination attacks. Castle Crashers is an excellent game to pick up a gamekey for if you are a fan of both beat ‘em ups and role-playing games!

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