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Ever dreamed of developing your own city and everything that goes with it? Or do you simply want your perfect city imaginations come to life? Cities: Skylines makes that possible for you, at least through simulation. Cities: Skylines is a 2015 city-building game (think: SimCity) developed by Colossal Order (a video game development company based in Tampere, Finland) and published by Paradox Interactive for multiple platforms distributed through Steam. Cities: Skylines was primarily perceived as a direct competitor to SimCity (released in 2013) due to them having similar gameplay elements. However, unlike SimCity who received a lot of criticism upon release, Cities: Skylines received more positive reviews. Most of the ratings from video game critics and websites are high, proving that the game is not just a copycat of the more popular city-building game series. Even more impressive is the fact that its development team is comprised of less than twenty people, so Cities: Skylines really stands out as one of the better city-building games out there.

In this game, players control the development and building of their own city. They must construct roads, buildings, commercial zones, power and water sources, and other city-related structures. As players create more of these to sustain people, residents will start to live in the player’s city. When the population grows, the players must then construct buildings to nurture their citizens like schools and hospitals. And just like in real life, the player’s city must prosper through the tax system. If players invest in the development of their residents, they will, in turn, generate more income for the city. Everything is connected in this city-building game, so players can’t just focus on the structures alone. In general, the goal for the player is to keep their city and residents happy. Try out this alternate city-building game, compare gamekey prices for Cities: Skylines here at Game-Key-Fox!

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