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Cities XXL is a 2015 city-building video game that was developed by Focus Home Interactive and released for the Microsoft Windows through Steam. It is the sequel to Cities XL Platinum, released back in 2013. Cities XXL allow players to develop their own city according to their preferences. It is an enjoyable game for players who like designing and planning structures, giving them complete authority on how to build their own cities. Of course there are game rules that must be followed, but all in all, players are pretty much free to build cities however they want. The graphics of Cities XXL is also pretty impressive, giving players the ability to access different angles of their built city, either for planning purposes or just to admire the work they have done. The visuals are not necessarily realistic, but the amount of details is enough to capture the city life.

Buildings can be built according to different categories or types: buildings where the population of the city can live, buildings used for commercial purposes, and buildings used for the production of the city’s supplies. Each building can’t be just equally plopped on any land; they all have their own land requirements. After all, a civilian house isn’t the same as a mall or power plant size-wise. And for further control, players can also choose the type of residents for each residential building they create, so they are also in charge of the social status of the neighborhood. The player also has control to the construction of roads used for mass transportation services like buses and trains. Careful planning is required in this game if you want to make your city look pretty. If you enjoy city-building games in general, give Cities XXL a shot, compare gamekey prices here at Game-Key-Fox and grab the best bargain available!

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