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Company of Heroes 2, sequel to the acclaimed Company of Heroes released back in 2006, is a real-time strategy video game that was originally released for the Microsoft Windows in 2013. An OS X and Linux version was released in mid-2015. Developed by Relic Entertainment and released by Sega, who bought the rights to the series back in 2013. Set in World War II like its predecessor, the game offers both single-player and multiplayer modes, but the focus of the game is on the Eastern Front of the war. Released to positive reviews and high scores from different video game critics and gaming websites, Company of Heroes 2 is praised for keeping the gameplay of its predecessor generally intact as well as changing previous features to add more depth and strategy to the game.

Company of Heroes 2 generally plays out like other games in the real-time strategy genre: players must gather resources and use them to build structures, then train and deploy a bunch of units for combat, and finally march towards the enemy or goal and proceed to do everything in order to achieve the objective (mostly involves wiping out the opposition, actually). What sets it apart is, of course, the setting of the game. Rarely are real-time strategy games set in the World War II era, so players will be given a refreshing look on the genre. Company of Heroes 2 – Ardenness Assault is the second Downloadable Content (DLC) pack available to players, following The Western Front Armies DLC pack. Company of Heroes 2 – Ardenness Assault is a stand-alone expansion pack that gives players the choice between three commanders (all have their own new abilities and units) to take on skirmishes, and also adds a campaign mode that focuses on the battle for which the DLC pack is named after. Compare gamekey prices for Company of Heroes 2 – Ardenness Assault and select the offer with the best price!

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