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Contagion is a survival horror and first-person shooter hybrid video game, developed by Monochrome LLC and released for the Microsoft Windows platform on April 11, 2014 through Steam. The game was only initially available as an Early Access title in 2013 at Steam, but was later given a full release after a campaign support from Kickstarter. Zombies are now the rage today. They are scattered across different mediums; from films, to a TV series, and even books, so it’s not uncommon for a video game to feature zombies. However, in most video games that feature zombies, they are always the enemies that players must either escape from or completely eradicate (even using plants to do their dirty work).

Contagion has three modes that players can play. Hunted Mode is a deathmatch-style mode where players can freely kill any player within sight. But there are also zombies prowling around the map that will hinder the bloodshed, so players are fighting against other players and also the zombies! Escape Mode plays out like the other survival horror games where players must progress through levels and complete objectives while avoiding or dispatching zombies along the way. Extraction Mode is like a rescue mission where players are tasked of rescuing survivors in the map. The modes seem generic enough, but there is a catch to them: when players die they are re-spawned as zombies and will join the zombies in taking down the human players. Yes, you get to play as a zombie for once in the genre. In Hunted Mode, it doesn’t matter whether a player is a zombie or still human, the ultimate goal is to survive the level. In the other two modes, players will join the zombies in stopping the human players from completing their goals. Contagion is an overall excellent addition to the survival horror genre with its different and refreshing take on the gameplay, so compare gamekey prices here now and experience the zombie life!

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