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Are you a fan of action role-playing games and is getting tired of the worthless challenges other games in the genre offer due in part to your awesome skills? Or do you want to experience throwing whatever is in your hand against the wall out of video game rage for the first time in your life? Look no further than Dark Souls, a video game developed by FromSoftware and internationally released by Namco Bandai Games in 2011 for the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360, and in 2012 for the Microsoft Windows. Dark Souls was released to critical acclaim from video game critics as well as becoming a financial success by subsequently selling more than two million copies. Much of the recognition was directed at the game’s merciless difficulty, where players are often exposed to hair-pulling and scream-inducing scenarios in the game. The difficulty of the game is so unforgiving, players will actually fear roaming around the map due to the powerful enemies that are always ready to send players to the Game Over screen!

Dark Souls is played out similar to other action RPG titles, where players explore an open-world environment and try to take down (or avoid, more often than not) enemies within range as they progress with the plot. Different weapons and items are available for the players throughout the game to help them in their journey. The story of the game is not laid out completely in front of the players; they must piece the story together by mostly talking to non-playable characters (NPC). But players will mostly be ignoring the story and instead focus more on trying to take down an enemy they’ve spent 24 hours being at the mercy of. Dark Souls is a truly unforgiving game that will test a player’s patience and ability to memorize enemy patterns to come up with ways to avoid getting killed repeatedly. If you want a real challenge in the action role-playing game genre, then compare gamekey prices here for Dark Souls, and be ready to feel fear as soon as you buy the best bargain and start your dreaded adventure!

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