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Difficulty in games can generally be divided into three categories: Easy, Normal, and Hard. The Easy Mode is, well, very easy and usually serves as a tutorial of sorts for new players to get acquainted with the game’s controls and system. The Normal Mode is the regular difficulty which features the intended game behavior of the developers. The Hard Mode is an amped up variation of the Normal Mode where the enemies and/or levels are tougher to beat, usually involving additional health points and more aggressive behavior for the enemies. The Dark Souls video game series has none of those, at least not officially. The series starts in a level way above Hard Mode and only gets harder as the game progresses. It is not uncommon for players to spend hours in the game just trying to get past a single enemy. For players who got through the two games in the series, they can consider themselves highly skilled gamers. Well, at least until they get a dose of the next installment in the series: Dark Souls III.

Dark Souls III is currently in development by FromSoftware and is scheduled to be released worldwide on April 12, 2016, barring any setbacks, for the Microsoft Windows, Sony PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Xbox One platforms. The gameplay of Dark Souls III will be quite similar to its predecessor, Dark Souls II, and features many of the same elements like the bonfires. In order to help the players get through the presumably brutal difficulty of the game, several combat mechanics have been added, which include the ability to dodge-roll, a refined movement system, and the so-called “Ready Stance” that allow players to deal heavier damage than normal attacks. Of course, if the previous two installments are any indication, it’s going to take a lot more than the mastery of the game’s combat system to get through the game. Compare gamekeys for Dark Souls III here at Game-Key-Fox when the game is released and get ready to throw your controllers in frustration again!

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