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So, you got through Dark Souls, eh? It must have been an overwhelming feeling to finish the unforgiving game, complete with broken pieces of furniture around to show as evidence for the mad and bloody dash to the finish line. But Dark Souls developer FromSoftware is not about to let you enjoy the moment of completing an extremely difficult game for long. Released in March 2014, Dark Souls II is the sequel to the critically-acclaimed action role-playing game (Action RPG) that is well-known for the merciless difficulty presented throughout the game. And, of course, Dark Souls II “improves” upon that already-high difficulty. The game is every bit unforgiving as its predecessor, so it would be wise for players to remove any easily-breakable objects around them when playing to not repeat the rage-induced carnage brought about by Dark Souls.

In Dark Souls II, the developers made sure that players will really, REALLY hate dying since the maximum health of the character is reduced after every death (sweet of them, huh?). Players will need more than just luck to get through the enemies of Dark Souls II. They must rely on optimized equipment and memory of enemy patterns or habits for survival. The story of the game, which is not directly related to the previous game, will go mostly unnoticed due to players spending more time grinding to get stronger. Dark Souls II is so difficult that video game critics even lament about that mere fact, stating that it takes away the fun and enjoyment in the game. But, ignore those people when comparing gamekeys for Dark Souls II. It is that type of game that you will actually take pride in when defeating an exceptionally hard enemy, which in itself is also one way to have fun! So, take the almost unfair challenge of finishing Dark Souls II and it will guarantee you a video game accomplishment like no other!

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