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DayZ is an upcoming survival video game currently being developed by Bohemia Interactive that is slated for a 2016 final release for the Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One platforms; a Microsoft Windows version was initially released in 2013 but it is still in early alpha testing. The game originally started out as a mod created by Dean Hall back in January 2012 for the shooter video game ARMA 2, but its gameplay innovation and popularity resulted in the development of an entirely standalone game. Evidenced by the sales it produced with its early alpha release, it is one of the highly anticipated games in 2016, so be sure to check out gamekey prices for DayZ when it is finally released!

DayZ is another one of those games that involves zombies (quite a common trend in entertainment these days), but its innovative gameplay elements allows it to stand out from all those other zombie-related video games. Video games that feature zombies as enemies usually require players to survive by killing every last one of them using an assorted choice of weapons at their disposal. The survival aspect in those kinds of games are relegated to the players skills in shooters rather survival itself. That area is where DayZ breaks away from. Minimizing the need for gunfire and bloodshed, DayZ focuses more on the survival of players through utilizing items and equipment that will preserve their character’s well-being like food, water, and clothing. Players will be more keenly aware of their character’s health instead of ammunition. They will scavenge around the map looking for anything that might help them in the survival of the zombie infestation. DayZ is a different breed in the survival video game genre that pushes players to rely more on real survival skills rather than outright dispatching of zombies.

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