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Dead Island 2, an upcoming survival horror video game with elements of an action role-playing game thrown into the mix, is the follow-up to Dead Island, released back in 2011, and continues the storyline of its predecessor. Originally in development by Yager Development, an independent video game developer based in Germany, the current developer of the game is unnamed, but it will be published by Deep Silver on 2016 for the Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows platforms. The setting of the game will take place in cities in California, a departure from the previous game and contrary to the game title. Not much detail is known about the synopsis of the game, including how the outbreak started out in the state of California.

Dead Island 2 is set to be similar in gameplay to the previous game, where players must control one of the announced four playable characters to battle their way through heaps and hordes of zombies using different kinds of weapons. Like its predecessor, the game will give players the ability to wield different kinds of melee weapons, which is actually encouraged for use in the series instead of firearms. The combat will be bloodier and messier than most survival horror games due to the nature of havoc the melee weapons can create, so it is best to not have a full stomach when playing the game unless you don’t mind throwing up all over the place. This melee-focused combat will get players more up-close and personal with the nasty-looking zombies, adding more suspense and fear (not to mention disgust) as players go through each zombie. And the engines of the new eight generation consoles will make every detail as creepy and disgusting as possible for players to experience. If you want a messier affair when dealing with zombies, then definitely pick up a gamekey for Dead Island 2 when it is available for sale!

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