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Dead Rising 3 is the third game in the Dead Rising series, a survival horror video series set in an open world, which was developed by Capcom Vancouver and released as one of the first games for the Microsoft Xbox One in 2013. The game was later given a Microsoft Windows version that was released in 2014. Taking advantage of the newer eight generation console’s engine, the world of Dead Rising 3 is the largest in the series, with the size more than the combined size of the previous two games in the series. And with a new powerful engine, the number of enemies that players can take on in a single screen has increased. So, it is either good news for those who just love beating the crap out of those disgusting zombies or bad news for those who just prefer surviving with minimal combat. Unlike the previous games in the series that requires the use of in-game toilets to save progress, Dead Rising 3 now allows the game to be saved anywhere. So don’t be shy about saving every five minutes, the game does not punish you for it.

The player’s goal in Dead Rising 3 is pretty much similar to most zombie-infested survival horror game where they must fight their way through endless hordes of zombies as they complete objectives and ultimately finish the game’s story. But there are alternate endings in the game, much like its predecessors, that adds replay value to the game. Another returning gameplay aspect is the ability for players to create combo weapons, which are, simply defined, a fusion of two different weapons into a single one. Vehicles that can be used to roam the open world can also be combined, as long as the players have the corresponding blueprints for them. Dead Rising 3 is a fun game in the survival horror genre that is pure enjoyment due to its silly nature. Compare gamekey prices for Dead Rising 3 here at Game-Key-Fox!

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