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Are you getting tired of the way the government in your country runs things (or the way they don’t run things, in some cases)? Do you aspire to be a country leader and hope to guide your country into a sustainable economy and generally be a successfully-run country? Then, Democracy 3 is just the perfect game to get into if you want to learn about all things involving running your own government! Developed by Positech Games, a video game development company based in the U.K., and released in October 2013, Democracy 3 and the series as a whole (currently three games) received positive reviews from video game critics and are even used at schools in teaching politics and economics! The series became a hit due to the detailed way it approached the simulation of a government, an area not usually tackled by video game developers, which allowed players to be really engaged in running a country and care for their (fictional) population.

Democracy 3 gives players the chance to become the leader of a nation they selected and start from the elections itself; they are not immediately placed on the top position in their country and must earn the people’s votes first before everything else! That way, the players will also sell themselves to the voters who are composed of different types of individuals by making careful plans on how they can make the country better. Once the player actually gets voted into the highest power in the nation, their real challenge awaits. In Democracy 3, players must carefully add or reform policies to make sure the country is stable in areas such as economy, transport, foreign relations, and, of course, tax. Failing horribly will greatly affect the player’s chances to be re-elected. So, compare gamekey prices for Democracy 3 here at Game-Key-Fox now and start your election campaign!

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