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Action role-playing games are mostly defined by customizable characters, a hack and slash combat style, and completion of set missions and quests until the entire game story is finished. Games in the Action RPG genre usually has varied mission objectives for players to accomplish, from rescue missions to hunting and slaying a specific target on the game world. In opposite, the tower defense sub-genre is pretty much straightforward: just defend whatever needs to be defended from the hordes or waves of enemies that will run for it. Now, combine those two genres and the resulting game will be Dungeon Defenders. Dungeon Defenders is a hybrid action role-playing game/tower defense that was developed by Trendy Entertainment, initially released for the iOS and Android smartphones on December 2010; the Microsoft Windows version would later be released on October 2011. The game became a hit to audiences that warranted for a sequel to be developed (titled Dungeon Defenders II).

Dungeon Defenders gives players the chance to select from one of the four available characters in the game composed of warriors and wizards, with additional character classes added for the Microsoft Windows version. Each character has specific skill sets and abilities as well as weapons that are only available to them. The characters are then placed in levels where they must protect Eternia Crystals from waves and hordes of enemies using defensive towers and traps available for creation. In between levels, players are given a short amount of time to survey the upcoming level and also give them the chance to upgrade their characters. And like tower defense games, strategies must be developed quickly between levels in order to successfully defend the Eternia Crystals in the next level. If you are a fan of both action role-playing games and tower defense games, then Dungeon Defenders is a must-have for you, compare gamekeys here now!

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