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Video games that are set in space usually involve explosive space adventures and action, complete with futuristic weapons and vehicles. In those games, players hop around different planets or use a spaceship to navigate their way through the vastness of space. Recent games with space settings feature stunning graphics that make players feel like they are truly experiencing the beauty and mystery of deep space. However, if players want to experience a less extravagant approach to a space-themed video game, then Edge of Space is the game title they should be comparing gamekeys for here at Game-Key-Fox and purchasing the best available bargain! Edge of Space is a sandbox (open-ended game) adventure game that gives players the ability to build and craft structures in a 2D display that will allow their character to survive the depths of space using different scavenged items. Edge of Space was developed by HandyMan Studios and released by Reverb Publishing through Steam in June 28, 2013 for the Microsoft Windows and OS X platforms.

Edge of Space is presented in a visual style that is similar to classic 2D platformers, with the character being controlled sideways to navigate the endless unexplored depths of space. This action-adventure game gives players an inventory in collecting items for their survival in space. Players have also access to weapons for taking down enemies floating around space. The graphics of Edge of Light is not one would expect from a space adventure game, but it greatly makes up for it with its addicting and open-ended gameplay that will leave players hooked to the game for hours. The visuals are simple and easy for the eye, making players focus more on the gameplay instead of being mesmerized with graphics. If you want a different space adventure game that is simple to play, then give Edge of Space a shot!

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