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Elite: Dangerous is a space adventure game that was developed and released by Frontier Developments initially for the Microsoft Windows and OS X. The game is actually the fourth game in a series of space adventure games, with the last game released way back in 1995, and it was only through a Kickstarter campaign that helped it to be finally released. Elite: Dangerous is also scheduled to be released for the Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One platforms so that the game series will be introduced to a newer generation of gamers that are not even aware of the series’ existence. Elite: Dangerous features a single-player and a massive multiplayer mode for exploring the game’s vast open world that is based on our very own Milky Way galaxy.

Elite: Dangerous is a heaven-sent game for players who have dreams of one day traveling to space and discover stars, moons, planets, and other amazing things in our galaxy. The open world of the game gives players a beautifully realistic recreation of our Milky Way galaxy, and the first-person perspective of the game gives players an incredible sense of awe as they travel around the ridiculously large game world. Players can play Elite: Dangerous by simply just exploring the galaxy and go sightseeing, ignoring all other missions or other gameplay elements. Seriously, the game’s graphics and space setting is truly something to behold. The number of star systems that players can explore counts to billions, with some of them taken from actual data. Elite: Dangerous is a game that will drain hundreds of hours from players just by its exploring aspect, zooming out the entire map will give players an idea how massive the game truly is. So start comparing those gamekeys for Elite: Dangerous here at Game-Key-Fox and start your own space adventure: an entire galaxy waits for your exploration!

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