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The gaming industry has always been a growing force in entertainment. Game developers pop up here and there and hoping to cash in on the industry’s rapid growth, leading to thousands of games being released each year for all currently available gaming platforms. With so many video games in each generation, it has become harder and harder for games to leave a mark on the gaming industry. One of the surefire ways to determine if a game really did leave a lasting legacy in the industry is if it is later given a newer version years after its original release in order to cater to the newer generation of gamers. Enclave is one of those games, developed by Starbreeze Studios (a video game development company based in Sweden). Originally released for the Microsoft Xbox and the Microsoft Windows back in 2002 and 2003 respectively, the game was later ported to the Nintendo Wii on May 2012 under the title Enclave: Shadows of Twilight.

Enclave is under the action role-playing game (Action RPG) genre, so combat is played out in a hack and slash style common in most games in the genre. Set in a medieval fantasy world, players are given the choice of playing in the side of light or in the side of darkness, each having their own unique set of missions. The story is progressed through the completion of missions, and, before each mission, players are given the choice to select from a number of characters to use during the mission. After selecting their character, players can now proceed to optimizing their characters equipment for the mission using acquired gold from previous missions. The game’s graphics may seem outdated due to it being a game from a decade ago, but its fun gameplay that involves magical weapons stays the same. Evidenced by the positive reviews of the game’s original release, Enclave is another excellent action RPG that is worth getting a gamekey for, so compare one now here at Game-Key-Fox!

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